ANS Cost-efficiency ANS Cost-efficiency

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Jan-DecEUROCONTROL areaAnnually22-Mar-2019ANSPs submissionsACE Dashboard
Note that the ACE data included in this section is still provisional. The data will be updated in May 2019 prior to the publication of the final PRR 2018 to ensure consistency with the data that will be presented in the final ACE 2017 Benchmarking Report.

Changes in economic cost-effectiveness (37 ANSPs)

The analysis shows the trend of the unit economic costs between 2012 and 2017 at Pan-European level for a consistent sample of 37 ANSPs for which data for a time-series analysis was available. The left-hand side shows the changes in unit economic costs, while the right-hand side provides complementary information on the year-on-year changes in ATM/CNS provision costs, composite flight-hours and unit costs of ATFM delays.
The economic cost-effectiveness indicator at Pan-European level amounts to €480 per composite flight-hour in 2017, and, on average, ATFM delays represent 16% of the total economic costs.

Economic gate-to-gate cost effectiveness (2016)

In 2017 unit economic costs ranged from €904 for LVNL to €221 for MATS, a factor of more than four.
More information on exchange rates variations and their impact on unit costs is provided in the ACE Benchmarking Reports.